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Recommended Book To Read: From Columbus to Castro The History of the Caribbean

Unknown, Forgotten or Accidentally left out of your history books by mistake. 

This book is about 30 million people scattered across an arc of islands — Jamaica, Haiti, Barbados, Antigua, Martinique, Trinidad, among others-separated by the languages and cultures of their colonizers, but joined together, nevertheless, by a common heritage. For whether French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, or-latterly-American, the nationality of their masters has made only a notional difference to the peoples of the Caribbean. The history of the Caribbean is dominated by the history of sugar, which is inseparable from the history of slavery; which was inseparable, until recently, from the systematic degradation of labor in the region. Here, for the first time, is a definitive work about a profoundly important but neglected and misrepresented area of the world.

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From Columbus to Castro: The History of the Caribbean

Author> Eric Williams – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Eric Eustace Williams (25 September 1911 – 29 March 1981) served as the first Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. He served as prime minister from 1962 until his death in 1981. He was also a noted Caribbean historian, and is widely regarded as “The Father of The Nation.”

I read the entire book and loved it through and through. I’m recommending this book for those who have time to read. It’s an eye opener. -Sola

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