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What Are You?

Carmen Lee Solomons is an South African Model currently in the U.S. with a unique beauty of her own.


This is a question I receive on a daily basis since I’ve been in America. The Khoisan people moved upwards to East Africa, where civilization then began in the Nile valley (Starting in Ethiopia, where Asian DNA was traced back to). Scientists predicted that their migration patterns moved them to the rest of the world, later on, starting from the Red Sea. – This is accurate to the history of the Nile. – In fact, these people possess the MOST DIVERSE DNA on the planet! And nearly, if not all of the original genetics. Anthropologists describe looking at them as a “composite model of every face from around the world.” The eye shape of East #Asians , high cheek bones of Mongolians, the mid-brown skin able to be darker or lighter, etc. – Although the cradle of human life remains in South Africa , and the oldest people are the Khoisan, genetic evolution, mixing, and mutation down the line make people unique and distinct. – The Khoisan people are called Bushmen. Furthermore, they are also responsible for nearly every color, gene, and nationality of modern humanity. – They are beautiful ❤️

I like the image of Nelson Mandela in the background. Best of luck- Sola

One of Chinas leading geneticists confirms that all Chinese people can trace their genetic lineage back to Africa further confirming the “Out of Africa” theory. What’s interesting is that he originally set out to “prove” that Chinese people were independently
evolved or created but the evidence forced him to change his position.


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