Sola Rey

Model: Elsabel Yemane

Nationality: British

Ethnicity: Eritrea, African

Ms. Yemane is 5’9 Ft tall.

She speaks English & Eritrean language.

A model who has graced numerous editorials, runways, represented brands like Adidas, Galaxy & Pantene to name a few in and out of UK.

What’s the biggest misconception about Eritrean people in your opinion?

That the country doesn’t even exist! Most people haven’t even heard of Eritrea. It’s probably one of the newest countries. We only recently gained Independence from Ethiopia, through Italian colonization. I think people just instantly see us as Ethiopians.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I can be really shy sometimes. I’m a geek for TV documentaries and the discovery channel. I love organizing dinner parties and i can cook!

How do u get your hair to be so healthy and beautiful?

I’ve actually just been online searching for a fabulous new lace wig. My agency have had me keep my my natural curly Afro hair to shoot in for a while. I’m so used to straightening my hair or having a nice weave. I’m so fed up with the funky, natural look.

Aussie hair conditioning treatment is the best for softening hair. I comb it through and leave it on when i go to the steam room. Smooth hair with serum after while still wet, hair creams are a bit light and grease is too thick and clumpy!

How important is financial stability for you, are there some good books on the matter that help you?

Well, its as important as all your responsibilities- money probably handles all your responsibilities. Having a good job is obviously important for a secure, regular income but be happy with what you do. Start up some savings accounts. One you cant touch at all, a not so secure one for dipping into now and again and maybe another for when your saving for something particular.

What do u wish men knew about women?

We are emotionally more advanced. They should understand us more. And i guess we should understand them more too, as they’re logically more advanced. Being a bit too fair here, sorry ladies.

Which Eritrean people that you admire you wish the rest of the world know about?

I love a special song called “Emotions”, by a European Eritrean artist, Winta ( also my sisters name). She has that lovely Aaliyah feel to her music. I hope she becomes more popular over here.

Are you involved in helping your Eritrean community how or do u plan to and how?

I hope to start a charity one day where I will personally donate money to the disadvantaged people back home and even all around the world. I would personally work on organizing projects to better lives.

Do you feel connected to the rest of Africa, for example have u visited other African countries, do you have good friends from other African countries?

I’ve been to Lagos ,Nigeria for new year. I spent 3 months in Cape Town modelling and also saw part of Johannesburg. I kind of felt bad being in these African countries, because i felt i should of spent that time in my own country, visiting my family especially my grand- parents.

I didn’t really feel connected to these countries though. They had there own culture but it was special to experience other African ways of life.

Whats the nicest compliment you’ve ever received?

I just got a nice one, from my friend on Facebook chat.”You’re like my little sister, I tell everyone that”.

What do u know for sure in life?

Everyone is different, with different opinions and knowledge from life experiences. Try your best to be happy and make others happy in the process.

Yayemarieba Interview with Eritrean Model Elsabel Yemane – Caperi

Map Of Eritrea

Eritrea, officially the State of Eritrea, is a country in the Horn of Africa. With its capital at Asmara, it is bordered by Sudan in the west, Ethiopia in the south, and Djibouti in the southeast.

Capital: Asmara
Population: 6.333 million (2013)

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