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Monaco’s Baroness Cecile de Massy

Baronness Cecile de Massy, wife of Baron Christian Louis de Massy, son of the late Princess Antoinette of Monaco, and cousin of Prince Albert of Monaco. She is of Caribbean descent.

Cecile is the highest ranked black person in Monaco. She is the patroness of Ladies Lunch Monaco.

Among its activities, she is also Vice-President of the Night Associations Monaco where she received the insignia of Commander associative presented by HSH Prince Albert II.

She is a member of the Honorary Committee and Vice-President of the Monegasque Contact Sports and Associated Disciplines and the International Academy of Self-Defense and Combat Sports Monaco, approved by the Government of Monaco.

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                They were separated since 2010. She is no longer the Baroness.

Baronne-Cecile-de-Massy-croThe Baroness Cécile de MASSY, a passionate practitioner of Thai Boxing, co-directed with Claude POUGET, the 1st “Monte Carlo Fighting Masters”, successfully held in 2013–an event that was organised by the International Academy of Self-Defence and Combat Sports of Monaco, and approved by the Government of Monaco.


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Baroness Cécile sponsored the latest Carré Doré exhibition, featuring the celebrated Italian artist and fashion designer Gianni Molaro. She gave a short interview to Anna Fill of The Riviera Woman.

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