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A Woman’s Intuition Is Real?

Research published by the Royal Society indicates that a woman can accurately establish a man’s masculinity and his affinity for children simply by looking at a picture of his face. Women also made judgments about long-term and short-term relationships by looking at a man’s face.

Brazilian Model Larissa Diniz, UK Photographer Michael Sheller

Women and men send and respond to all sorts of biological cues from the opposite sex and these cues can trigger feelings of attraction.

One example: Questions asks individuals to look at four photos and choose the one that has the most sincere smile. People with high levels of estrogen rather than testosterone (typically women) have better social skills and are better at reading other people.


Women’s intuition is biological: Lower exposure to testosterone in the womb gives females an extra ‘sense’

Baby in the womb, pinterest

Female intuition – a woman’s ability to discern what other people are thinking and feeling – is mysterious.

Scientists describe intuition as thoughts that are processed unconsciously and automatically, requiring little cognitive effort.

Intuitive thoughts are considered to be more emotional, while analytical thoughts are more rational.


Why women make the best stock traders

We chose Finland because it has by far the best data inclusive of gender and trader location. Although the population is small, we observe almost a million traders. The trades took place over a 17 year period, from 1995 to 2011.

Although male trading activity increasingly dominated female trading activity over the 17 years we studied, female trades were more successful.

Our study shows female traders are far more “contrarian” than their male counterparts. They tend to buy stock following severe price falls and sell to males following substantial price increases. Females appear to lose money in the short-term (buying as prices fall, for instance), but gain in the longer-term following severe price reversals. Because of our ability to track trades over a long period, based on actual buy and sell trades, we can see that it is not valid to conclude from short-term price declines that females suffer losses. On average, females buy cheap and sell dear, indicating they are far more informed than males.

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