Sola Rey

Goddess Of Beauty: Oshun

Oshun is a West African goddess: the deity of the river/fresh water, luxury, pleasure, sexuality, fertility, beauty and love. She is still alive in the hearts of many from Nigeria, Africa to the Diasporas of Brazil, Trinidad, Haiti and Cuba to name a few.

Followers seek help for romantic problems from Oxum (Oshun); the orixá is also responsible for marriage and other relationships. As the orixá of financial life, she is also called the “Lady of Gold”.

Oshun is commonly shown as a beautiful, charming, sensual and coquettish young woman. In addition to her natural beauty, Oshun is also adorned with such ornaments as gold jewelry, brass bracelets, beads, mirrors and elaborate fans. It is also claimed that Oshun is attracted to all things that glitter and are shiny.

Ancient Origins


Oshun is the orisha of the river. Her devotees leave her offerings and perform ceremonies at bodies of fresh water such as rivers, streams and canals.



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