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Are women attracted to taller men?

Are taller men truly more successful than their shorter counterparts? A survey of the Fortune 500 conducted in 2005 revealed that the average CEO is 6 feet tall; over 90pc of CEOs are above average height; and only 3pc of CEOs are under 5’7”. The perfect excuse to fly first class: “My legs don’t fit in economy”.

Early in human evolution, an enhanced capacity to strike downward on an opponent may have given tall males a greater capacity to compete for mates and to defend their resources and offspring. If this were true, females who chose to mate with tall males would have had greater fitness for survival.”

In ancient times, only the best fed men reached their full height. A tall man had good parents, a mother who took care of him and a father who was a good provider.

The upper class and best fed people were on average several inches taller than the peasants. They were often smarter, too, because they didn’t suffer from malnutrition that stunted mental development.

And a really tall man today is on the basketball team or plays another sport, indicating that he’s a good provider.

According to research published by the University of Leicester, every 2.5 inches jump in height decreases your risk of heart disease by 13.5 percent. That means someone who is 5ft tall has a 32 percent higher risk of suffering from coronary disease than someone who is 6ft inches taller.

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Men are taller because of hormonal influences, to be sure. This then becomes translated into social attitudes. We’re all conditioned by media images to prefer men and women with a certain kind of appearance.

In general, women were more likely than men to think that the man should be taller and they didn’t want to be in a relationship in which they were taller than their male partners. Men liked being taller than their partners, but they didn’t care about the height difference as much as women did.

The unconscious association of power, status, and height is so ingrained in us…





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