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Model: Sany Liriano

Nationality: Dominican / Swiss

Ethnicity: Born in La Vega, Dominican Republic, African Descent.

Ms. Liriano was brought up in Zurich, Switzerland but currently resides in Milano, Italy.

Fluent in 4 languages: English, Spanish, Italian & Swiss German.

She stands at  5’10 Ft Tall.

Class of 2014 KV Zürich Business School , Zürich, Switzerland.


Philipp Plein Runway Show 2017

Philipp Patrick Plein is a German fashion designer and founder of the eponymous luxury brand. PHILIPP PLEIN – Official Website

Quote: “So Thankful!”

To start off, how did you start modeling? Was this something that has always been a dream of yours?

No, I never even thought about modeling as a serious professional option. I was approached by a Swiss scout and even then was not really thrilled. I went to the agency and sort of by accent got into it. Looking back now, I am of course more than happy that I decided to take that path.

How do you manage to stay in shape?
Before I started modeling, I used to play basketball every day – I loved it. But it is difficult now, since I do not have enough time anymore, so I try to go to the gym regularly. I usually eat more or less healthy food but I since I live in Milano now, it is definitely difficult not to enjoy some pizza and pasta every now and then. I really like those late dinner evenings with my Italian friends here.

The Rage For Beige 

You came to Switzerland from the Dominican Republic when you were seven. How do feel about those two very different cultures?
I remember that my grandma in the Caribbean was very traditional. She raised the children and my grandpa was working full time. My mum and my step-father did not have a clear role separation like that and raised me very open-mindedly. I am a confident woman and I make my own decisions, independently of what my parents or my boyfriend want me to do. What I realize is that my type becomes more and more popular in the modeling industry and I am very happy that Caribbean girls can be so successful in the business.

Do you miss the Dominican Republic sometimes? What are your memories to that childhood?
I do but my real home is Switzerland. Still I miss the region with the ocean and sun but Switzerland is also very pretty. I really like the nature with the mountains and little lakes. There is a traditional desert from the Dominican Republic that my mother sometimes cooks for me on special occasions like my birthday. It is called “Habichuelas con Dulce” and I love it. It’s basically sweet beans…most Europeans hate it but I can’t get enough of it.

As a model you play with different looks and expressions. Are you aware of that power of fashion and do you use it in your private life?
Well, I do not really play with it but I am aware of it. I think that it is important that you dress appropriately, depending on what the people in your surrounding wear but also depending on what impression you want to make. When I was working in my old job, it was immensely important to wear business clothes every day in order look representable.

Beautiful Afro

Do you remember a certain outfit that you were wearing in an important moment in your life?
Yes, I remember that I was wearing a black dress and over-knee boots when I had my first kiss. It was way more innocent that it sounds though. I was 16 and it happened in London – a very exciting moment for me.

What person had the biggest influence on your life and on your style?
My mum. She was so strong, I truly admire her. She gave everything up in order to secure me a better life in Europe and I am very grateful for that.

You travel a lot and also moved a lot in your life. Did you experience difficulties finding friends due to the jealousy of other people about your beauty?
From time to time, I notice that people act differently around me. My big hair naturally attracts attention and some people unfortunately feel insecure about that. Jealousy is also a common issues in the model business between the models.

Modeling requires a very good feeling for movement and posing. Did you have a hard time learning that?
I think that you need a certain natural basis in order to be good at it but based on that, there is of course a lot of potential for improvement. When I had my first modeling job, I met photographer Andreas Ortner and his girlfriend, who is also a model and I was so amazed by her. I tried to watch her very closely and remember her poses. So I think you can be inspired by other models too.

Do you have any dreams for your future?
In the future I would like to study International Relations because I am very interested in economics and politics. I also really want to travel more and get to know a lot of places, so we will see what life has to offer me…

Photo credit above Laurèl

What do you associate with Laurèl?
I really enjoy working with Laurèl. The whole team spirit was so enjoyable at the Fashion Show and also at the campaign shooting. My favorite products are the coats and the dresses – they are high quality, comfortable and very stylish. I am super happy to be part of the Laurèl-Family!

Ready for the Close Up – Meeting Sany Liriano | Miss Laurèl 

The top 3 of Fashion IN! Model contest show their skills in front of the camera during a live shoot with fashion photographer Shpend Salihu.

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