Sola Rey

Dynasty: Alexis Carrington Colby


Barbie Collector Alexis Carrington Colby Dynasty Doll

From January 12, 1981 to May 11, 1989, Dynasty kept us glued to our TVs with it primetime soap opera drama.  The story revolved around rich and powerful oil tycoon Blake Carrington.  His former secretary and current wife, Krystle Carrington and scheming ex-wife, Alexis Carrington Colby, could always be counted on for a cataclysmic catfight!  Barbie celebrates those gloriously decadent, drama divas dressed in gowns inspired by the original Nolan Miller designs!  From the Barbie Pink Label Collection.  Includes Doll Stand and a Certificate of Authenticity.  Approximately 12″ tall.  Ages 6 & up.

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