Sola Rey

Raquel Welch

She is Spanish Bolivian and English

Actress, born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She entered beauty contests as a teenager, and worked as a model, waitress, and television weather-girl before making her film debut in 1964. Launched as a sex symbol after her scantily clad appearance in One Million Years BC (1966), she was rarely challenged by later roles, though for her role in The Three Musketeers (1973) she received a Best Actress Golden Globe Award. During the 1980s she appeared in a number of television series, and her later feature films include Legally Blonde (2001) andForget About It (2005). She continues to be regarded as one of the world’s great beauties, and her career has included nightclub entertaining, the Broadway musical Woman of the Year (1982), and the publication of a Total Beauty and Fitness Programme (1984).


One Million Years B.C. (1966), if nothing else, captured the hearts and libidos of modern men (not to mention their teenage sons) while producing THE most definitive and best-selling pin-up poster of that time. After a major dry spell following the death of Marilyn Monroe in 1962, the auburn-maned Ms. Welch effortlessly assumed Marilyn’s place and forever wiped away the notion that enduring sex goddesses came only in one form — bottled blonds.



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