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Quote: Brazilian Culture – The right to beauty


Everyone is in search of beauty – Brazilian Beauty

Best Answer: Mixed gene pool. Brazilians descend from native South Americans, Africans and Europeans so they get the best of everywhere, and mix it up. It is also a hot weather climate where people are more easygoing. And Brazil is a festive, effusive, right-brained culture. Life is lived outdoors and everything is done with exuberance, and that too is very attractive.

Why are Brazilians so beautiful? | Yahoo Answers


Most Brazilian women, have perfect figures, beautiful hair, bright smiles, smooth skin, their eyes are perfectly shaped and mostly light colored (hazel, green, grey, blue…etc).which in contrast with their Dark skin makes them look very exotic. I’m 1/2 Brazilian and 1/2 Italian myself and always get the “what are you’? type of questions…

Why are Brazilian Women so beautiful? | Yahoo Answers

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