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Prince Albert II, the ruler of Monaco


‘Why DOES the Prince of Monaco refuse to see our son …

Prince Albert Acknowledges Son


Born out of wedlock to an African mother

Prince Albert II, the ruler of Monaco, has acknowledged that he is the father of an illegitimate mixed-race child. The mother is 33 year-old Nicole Coste, an air steward from Togo. The child named Alexandre was born in Paris on August 24, 2003.

French magazine Paris-Match, broke the ‘love-child’ story in May, showing pictures of Prince Albert cradling a baby and carrying affirmations from Nicole Coste that the child was the result of a five-year affair with the Prince.

Coste, said she decided to come forward because she ‘was afraid Albert would go back on recognising his son… I had a very strict Catholic upbringing and for me it was a disgrace to not be able to tell my family who is the father of my child.’

This is not the first time a little colour has come into the famous royal family. Prince Albert’s great grandmother was none other than Marie Juliette Louvet, an Algerian cabaret singer who bore Prince Louis II of Monaco, his only child Princess Charlotte, also out of wedlock.

‘Article 10 of Monaco’s constitution specifies that only ‘direct and legitimate’ descendants can assume the throne — which would excludeAlexandre. The prince however could adopt Alexandre in the same manner his grandfather Prince Louis II did in 1919 with Princess Charlotte and so make him heir to the throne.

Heir to the throne or not the Prince’s acknowledgement of his son will ensure that Alexandre will be well provided for.

Their son below Alexandre Coste Grimaldi.

She was the mother of his only child, Princess Charlotte of Monaco She gave birth to their daughter, Charlotte, in Algeria on September 30, 1898.

Because Louis was unmarried and without an heir, the Monegasque throne was likely to pass to a distant cousin, the German Duke of Urach. In order to avoid this, Louis’ father, Prince Albert I, had a law passed recognizing Charlotte as Louis’ heir and part of the sovereign family. However, this law was later ruled invalid under earlier statutes. So, in October 1918, another law was passed allowing for the adoption of an heir with succession rights. On May 16, 1919, Louis legally adopted Charlotte, giving her the Grimaldi surname. Her grandfather created her HSH Princess Charlotte of Monaco, and Duchess of Valentinois. Upon Louis’ accession in 1922, Charlotte became Hereditary Princess of Monaco. Source:Princess Charlotte of Monaco, Duchess of Valentinois …


Prince Albert has several children, but since they were born out of wedlock, they are not eligible for the throne.

According to Action News: Prince Albert’s wife gives birth to twins |

Princess Charlene’s parents, Lynette Wittstock, Mike Wittstock.





Prince Rainier III was Europe’s longest-serving monarch and head of the 700-year-old Grimaldi dynasty which was founded in 1297 when the Genoese François Grimaldi and his Guelph supporters seized the fortress in the corner of the south of France. By the time of Rainier III’s death, it had changed beyond recognition to become a playground for the super-rich and one of the world’s most favored tourist destinations. It was proof of his astute political decisions as, without its prince’s efforts, the principality may have been absorbed by France or lost its internal sovereignty to outside interests.

He was a direct descendant of Josephine de Beauharnais, the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, and of William Thomas Beckford, the 18th century English politician, collector and writer. Rainier III was born in Monaco on May 31, 1923, the only son of Prince Pierre of Monaco, Duke of Valentinois (neé Count Pierre de Polignac) and his wife, Hereditary Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Valentinois. Born in Algeria, Africa his mother was the only child of Prince Louis II and his mistress, Marie Juliette Louvet. To prevent the line of succession falling to his German cousin, the Duke of Urach, Louis II had his daughter legitimized through formal adoption and named heiress to the throne. Prince Rainier’s father was the son of Count Maxence de Polignac and his Mexican-born Spanish wife, Susana de la Torre y Mier. Upon marriage he adopted the Grimaldi surname and was made a prince of Monaco by his father-in-law.

Source: Prince Rainier III 1923-2005 – Royalty Magazine





Monaco’s Charlene had a girl first and a boy second, but the boy will be the principality’s future ruler, reflecting the male priority of Monaco’s laws of succession.

Monaco’s Princess Charlene Gives Birth to Twins – ABC News

Charlene and Albert and their bundles of joy | Royalista

Princess Charlene’s parents, Lynette Wittstock, Mike Wittstock (L), and her brother Sean-Michael.

Charlene Lynette Wittstock, is a former South African Olympic swimmer who, after marrying Prince Albert II, became known as the Princess of Monaco. Charlene is the daughter of Michael and Lynette Wittstock.

Prince Albert II of Monaco and Tamara Rotolo in their younger years. Ms. Rotolo was so sensual and gorgeous in her day.

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi below is the daughter of Prince Albert II of Monaco and Tamara Rotolo, and the elder of the Prince’s two known illegitimate children.



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The Prince and Naomi Campbell.

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Princess Stéphanie of Monaco to the left, Prince Albert and his wife Charlene, Princess of Monaco.



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