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Pacific Islanders Ancient War Dance

Dances of Life (Maori excerpt)

This is an excerpt from a 55 min documentary we have shot for PBS. For nearly 50,000 years, dances and songs have been an expression of Pacific Islanders’ origins, their journeys, their struggles – their very existence. These are their dance stories. The program journeys to five cultures: Maori (New Zealand), Samoan, Palauan, Chamorro (Guam), Kanak (New Caledonia), …

Born in Samoa and raised in Hawaii, Peters began working at age 12, performing a Polynesian fire-knife dance for tourists. He has burns and scars covering his left arm as a result of the dangerous practice. His right arm is covered in tattoos, each design representing a different family name from his Samoan heritage. His hair meanwhile hangs down his back in the style of a Samoan warrior.

Pacific Nations Cup 2008 New Zealand Maori V Tonga Haka

Samoan Fire Knife dancer Kap Tafiti

Polynesian athletes

The Best Haka New Zealand vs France in Paris 2004


The fire dance originated as part of tribal warfare

 In early 2003, Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” traveled to Hawaii to have his family history tattooed on him—a Samoan tradition.

All Blacks meet Maori King

Haka done by the trainees of the LSV Company (Limited Service Volunteer Comp) . This Haka was part of their march out parade.

The course is held in Burnham Military Camp which is in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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