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 Nubian Queen Of Egypt: Qalhata

Qalhata was a Nubian queen dated to the Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt.

Illustration by Brazilian artist briittoatila

Qalhata was a daughter of King Piye and a queen consort to her brother Shabaka. She is known from the Dream Stela of King Tantamani and from her pyramid in El-Kurru (Ku. 5).

Assyrian records state that King Tantamani was the son of Taharqa‘s sister. The tomb of Qalhata at El-Kurru contains texts that say she is a King’s Mother, giving some evidence of the family relationships.

Descending into the Tomb of Qalhata (K.5)

Brian J. McMorrow

Tomb of Qalhata with its well-preserved tomb paintings, El Kuru.

Queen Qalhata depicted as Osiris on the south wall of her burial chamber.

Queen Qalhata being led by two gods, Hapy and Duamutef, sons of Horus.

Queen Qalhata flanked by two gods, Amseti and Qebehsenuef, sons of Horus.

Tomb of Qalhata , the god Amseti, one of the four Sons of Horus.

God with a was-staff surmounted with an ankh, the symbol of life – Osirian rebirth, Tomb of Qalhata.

Gods of the Egyptian pantheon, Tomb of Qalhata, El Kurru.

Gods of the Egyptian pantheon facing the mummy of Queen Qalhata.

El Kurru Photo Gallery by Brian McMorrow at



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