Sola Rey

Model: Zaina Gohou

Nationality: German

Ethnicity: German & Ivorian, African

Ms. Gohou stands at 5’10 ft tall. She’s fluent in English & German.

Some of her hobbies are painting, skiing & hiking.

She has a university degree as a psychologist before starting her modeling career.

Booked by the likes of L’Oreal , Chanel , Givenchi and Balmain . A life in the jet set and jet lag …

Constantly flying from Berlin to New York , back to Finland and then to the next city.


I’m a very open person I like to meet new people , to talk to them and learn about their ideas and perspectives .

I love to dress elegantly , if I go to an event or in a good restaurant .

The stunning model from a small town in Germany is now based in Brooklyn.

She’s got that certain je ne sais quoi that’s part jaw-dropping beauty, part scene-stealing personality, and part magic.

Prepare Yourself for the Awesomeness of Model Zaina Gohou’s …

ZAINA Gohou | W360

Beautiful Blue Jeans



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