Sola Rey

Brazilian Actress & Model: Débora Nascimento

Nationality: Brazilian

Place of birth: Sao Paulo, Brazil.

She is 5’10 ft tall.

Television Actress, Model and Personality.

Débora Nascimento began her acting career as the lead character of the short film Cérbero, directed by Gastão Coimbra, and  making a guest role on a television show called Paraíso Tropical novel/soap, as Elisa. 

Brazil’s population includes the largest number of people of African descent in the entire Western Hemisphere.


Brazil has the world’s second (2nd)biggest black population after Nigeria.

Brazil census shows African-Brazilians in the majority for the first ti

Her beauty landed her in the American production The Incredible Hulk. In the same year, was featured in the novel Duas Caras as Andréia Bijou, godmother of the samba school drum of Portelinha born, which was bound to be a mother-of-saint.

Our love for gold go back to millennia.

The actress did Spread  in 2008 for a sensual magazine called “Female Universe”. In 2009, along with actress Grazi Massafera they starred in an advertising campaign for L’Oréal Paris.

Orange is one of the other colors that suites tan/olive to dark skin. I love this color as well. You can never go wrong with this.


Beautiful orangery red and neutral mix. 



Royal blue usually looks good on medium to dark complexions. Must have colors in your closet.

Elegant evening wear



I love burgundy but for some strange reason not everyone can pull off this color well.

I think a pop of gold or sparkle accessories would do the trick for other people, just in case it comes off dull on them.



This is also a nice color but keep in mind a little sparkle accessories go a long way.


Blue accessories 





Classic, Love the corn rows



I love the color blue on tan/olive to caramel skin on the spectrum scale on this young lady. The blue jean color looks great especially in the summer time on everybody.




As I stated before, orange and gold looks good on various shades but tends to pop out more on tan/olive to dark skin.  Keep these colors in mind when shopping or if you are having a custom design dress made.


Stay away from colors that blends in too much with your skin color.

You want to stand out.


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