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Controversial hypothesis On The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation

Much thought-provoking evidence suggests that the way you look, think, react to life events, and interact with other people may be predisposed by the experiences of one or more human beings who lived in the past. 

Even if you don’t know who they were, you may find what appears to be their “soulprints” in the person you are today and the manner in which you live. The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation explores these ideas, focusing on verifiable information that can be tested by objective means. The detailed, robust case studies presented here not only suggest that reincarnation is more than just a metaphysical concept, but also indicate that it is a valid subject of scientific inquiry.

About the Author:
Paul Von Ward, born in 1939 on a share-cropper’s farm, grew up in post- WW II Florida where he graduated (Phi Beta Kappa) from Florida State University — then earned two Masters degrees, at FSU and Harvard.

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Trained in psychology, ordained as a Baptist minister, he became a U.S. naval officer in the Vietnam era — then appointed a U.S. diplomat by President Johnson. Following 18 years public service overseas and in Washington, DC, he resigned to found an international nonprofit dedicated to cross-cultural understanding and cooperation. He became a leader in the citizen-diplomacy movement leading to Gorbachev’s perestoika policies in the former USSR and private American bridges to China and other nations.

Currently living in the hills of north Georgia, he also writes articles and lectures in the U.S. and abroad.

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A Canadian television producer investigates the Reincarnation Experiment. Project coordinator Paul Von Ward answers her probes about the role of science in reincarnation research, the kinds of cases he works with, where they come from, and the people attracted to the subject. She asks what he thinks of past-life claims based on hypnosis.

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A Canadian television producer asks Paul Von Ward to explain the meaning of the book title “The Soul Genome.” Soul genome is a popular term for the scientific concept of a psychoplasm. The latter term suggests a psychophysical, information-based bio-field transfers the genotype and personality factors that have been found to link individual and particular past-lives. Paul explains the differences between the soul genome and the genome inherited directly from one’s parents.

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