Sola Rey

Ancient Nubia, Kerma Graves in Sudan, Africa

The Kerma graves are distinct. They are circular pits covered with white or black pebbles in a circular mound. Four huge graves in the southern part of the site exist. They lie in rows surrounded by smaller graves.

The diameter is 300 ft(9 m) covered with circular mounds of white and black dessert pebbles, 3 m high. Underneath exist a complex structure. A pathway running along the diameter is laid with mud walls, supporting the above mound.

The mud walls seemed to have been once decorated. The pathway goes to a vaulted chamber with a wooden door, where the king is buried.

The king’s bed is elaborate with stone carved legs. The vaulted chamber lies in the center of the structure.

Model reconstruction of Kerma

It is estimated 300 humans and 1000 cattle were probably sacrificed with the king to accompany him in the after-life.

Nile River


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