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The World’s New Tallest Skyscraper Will Be in Azerbaijan


Those mighty Kingdom Tower guys are probably crying their eyes out right about now! In the spitfire race to build the tallest edifice on the globe, there’s a new frontfronner: Azerbaijan Tower, a kilometer-tall structure that’s set to break ground in 2015 in the Republic of Azerbaijan in Eurasia. If you don’t usually equate Azerbaijan with, say, skyscrapers, it’s because this beast will essentially be the first, rising above the Caspian’s Khazar Islands, a 41-island manmade archipelago that has yet to be developed to its $100B glory. And compared to the Burj Khalifa, currently the world’s tallest building at 2,723 feet, and Saudi Arabia’s planned Kingdom Tower (3,280 feet, not a mile, as Curbed previously reported), Azerbaijan’s 3,444-foot mass will go unrivaled. Ever poetically, Architizer describes the architecture of the new edifice as such: “the form altogether shuns the slim, shard-like profiles that characterize the current crop of Brobdingnagian skyscraper design. Instead, it curiously alludes both to the platonic massings of Constructivist projects (via corporate High-Tech of ’80s and ’90s) and various paper arcologies of the last quarter of the past century, from the Metabolists to the Sims.” Estimated completion, 2018 or 2019; estimated cost: $2B.

Photos via Architizer

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