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Built in 1810-1813. Sans Souci Palace, Milot, Haiti

What was left out of your history books. 

Panoramic view of  Sans Souci Palace, Milot, Haiti.

This castle/palace was built by Haitians who are mostly of African descent.  I bet you didn’t know this is on the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE.  This is currently a tourist attraction.  Globe trotters seem to know about this stuff and are not blinded by prejudice.

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Above Haiti 1906. Palace of Sans Souci.


National History Park – Citadel, Sans Souci, Ramiers …

Ruins of Sans-Souci Palace in Milot, Haiti (Google Maps …

 Guys find a way….. you have to travel. You won’t find everything in a book or on your T.V. screens. Make friends with people from different parts of the world who are open minded, multi-cultural and multilingual. This helps a lot. – Sola

The Sans Souci, Ramiers, and Citadel serve as universal symbols of liberty, being the first monuments to be constructed by Free African descendant who had fought for their freedom. 

PALACE OF SANS SOUCI | World Monuments Fund

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Correction please: The Haitians were no longer slaves after 1804. Maybe servants/volunteers but not slaves…by the way, Henry Christophe’s wife was not Italian. She was Haitian. Marie-Louise Coidavid was born on May 8, 1778 in Bredou Ouanaminthe, Haiti into a free black family. She died in Pisa, Italy in 1851 at the age of 72.  

In 1804, after 14 years of struggle by the African descent people against the colonists, Jean-Jacques Dessallines, the revolution’s principal leader, proclaimed the independent Haiti Republic.

He immediately entrusted to General Henry Christophe the task of constructing an immense fortress on Pic Laferrière.

Numerous leaders throughout Haiti’s history have been mulattoes. Alexandre Pétion, born to a Haitian mother and a wealthy French father, was the first President of the Republic of Haiti. His father had arranged for his education. His father had arranged for his education.

At the death of Dessallines (1806), Haiti was divided into two states: the south governed by Pétion, and the north governed by Christophe.

Feb 03 2015    –    10 UNESCO World Heritage sites with wild back stories; Jack Davidson; CNN

After the earth quake, their are currently many American and French people buying beach front properties in Haiti as their 2nd – 5th home. -Sola 

Beautiful isn’t it? I instinctively like Architecture like this. I also like Caribbean Villas and Large Mediterranean style homes. -Sola

At the same time, King Christophe (Henry I) undertook the construction of an astonishing palace surrounded by gardens, situated near the citadel. An African descent King/Emperor of Haiti in the Americas and his people recognize him as such.

Haiti’s Sans-Souci Palace : A journey to the past – BBC News


The palace was built during the years 1810-1813 by King Henri Christophe. It is located in the town of Milot, Nord Department, Haiti.


Haiti was the first country in the western hemisphere to get their freedom in 1804. 




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