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How music boost your brain

Singing for foreign language learning

A new study provides experimental evidence that a listen-and-repeat singing method can facilitate foreign language learning. Singing in a foreign language can significantly improve learning how to speak it.

Learning a foreign language. According to the latest study speaking more than one language may slow the aging process in the mind.

Musical training

A growing body of scientific research finds musical training provides students learning advantages in the classroom. Recently scientists revealed that very poor auditory and memory skills are rare among children with even a short period of musical training.

According to the latest 2014 Kraus’s study, learning to play a musical instrument or to sing can help disadvantaged children strengthen their reading and language skills. Musical training appears to enhance the way children’s nervous systems process sounds in a busy environment, e.g. classroom.

Also, lifelong musical training confers benefits in at least 2 important functions known to decline with age — memory and the ability to hear speech in noise.

The Role Music Plays in Boosting Brain Power

Music and intelligence – Parenting Science

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