Sola Rey

Model: Scarlet Pena Quezada

Nationality: Unknown

Ethnicity: (Dominican) Afro-Latina

She speaks English and Spanish


A jazz dancer (and from a musical background – her father is a music director and her mother a soprano singer), Scarlet was scouted during her training class, and this Santo Domingo original is carrying on the tradition of sensational, sun-kissed beauty that we have come to expect from the DR.







With legs that seem to go on for ever, a strong, elegant profile, and a soulful gaze, it is a no-brainer that Scarlet, a new discovery by Ossygeno Models Management, has been signed to IMG Worldwide. Scarlet has been dreaming of becoming a model since she was a wee child, and now that dream has become a reality. Anyone want to wish upon a star…?



















an artist rendition of her below




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