Sola Rey

Former US immigrants find better life in India

Thousands of highly skilled Indian immigrants are choosing to leave the United States in the midst of the recession and move back to India. While most cite better job opportunities as the main reason for moving back, many also believe that they are able to live a better quality of life in India. While many Americans view immigrants as taking away jobs, Indian and Chinese immigrants are responsible for 50% of the companies in Silicon Valley and the creation of 15% of the jobs there. Time will only tell what this reverse immigration will mean for the American economy.

Breaking tradition, top American graduates are heading to India to find jobs and opportunity. Many believe that having experience in India is an important addition to their resume in this increasingly globalized world. Some say that its easier to find a good job in India than in the United States, as India’s economy is growing while the US economy is predicted to shrink within the next year.

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