Sola Rey

ethnicity within the UK Fashion industry

Four-part documentary about ethnic minorities within the UK Fashion industry.

Part one explores ther Asian fashion industry with an interview with the UK’s top Asian female model, Mandi Sidhu.

The Asian fashion industry is one of the UK’s most lavish and fervent media-based industries in the UK. Linked by culture, romance and traditions. Yet it is under exposed, why?

It is said, the most attractive and eaten national dish of the UK is Indian food. So why is it that Asian fashion has never quite made the transition from purely niche to mainstream?

Constant Films set out to explore the myths and get those and many other questions answered.

Director Marcus Flemmings, owner of the fashion branding company TMP, who have worked intrinsically in the UK Asian market sets out with producer/presenter Raheela Mahomed, herself a model in the industry, to uncover a yet-to-be explored subject matter.

Much is often made of why models of colour can’t break mainstream world fashion. Although black models have often frequented the catwalks of Milan, London and Paris – Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Iman, Alek Wek, etc. Asian models have not had this amount of exposure. Is this an inherit issue that is driven by Asian fashion itself or rather by Western fashion? The only recognisable name of any note would be Aishwarya Rai – however her success has mainly been limited to Bollywood movies and Indian fashion brands.

A classic example of this long standing topic is Asian music. A very successful genre within itself producing such successful and legendary artists as AR Rahman, Ravi Shankar & Nitin Sawhney but never quite hitting mainstream.

The exploration and answers to these questions will be delved into via the UK fashion industry. Meeting Asian models, fashion editors, photographers and designers and then questioning western observers and fashion industry sources.

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