Sola Rey

Brazilian Model: Daiane Sodre

Nationality: Brazilian

She’s a native of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Daiane Sodre is 5’11 and a a former Victoria Secret model.

Currently with Storm models

Above is Daiane Sodre front and center.


Agencies fight over [Victoria’s Secret] stunner
Victoria’s Secret model Daiane Sodre da Silva surreptitiously switched modeling agencies, says Marilyn.

The secret’s out. A Victoria’s Secret model surreptitiously switched modeling agencies, and now her former one is suing her for being a two timer.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Marilyn Modeling Agency says it brought Brazilian bombshell Daiane Sodre da Silva to the U.S. with a three-year exclusive deal in August 2011. The agency says it landed her some high-profile gigs, including jobs with Victoria’s Secret, Oscar De La Renta and J. Crew – but she still snuck behind their back to sign a deal with rival agency Major this past June.

Adding insult to injury, the Sao Paulo stunner stiffed them on $17,000 in commissions, and Major has been using Marilyn’s pictures to promote Sodre on its website. The suit accuses Major of having “induced or otherwise arranged with Sodre to breach her contract,” and Sodre of “unjustly enriching” herself. It seeks a court order voiding the Major deal, and money damages from both Sodre and Major.

Major vice-president Elizabeth Gubitosi said Sodre came to them “because she wasn’t making any money at Marilyn,” and had been looking for new representation. She said they’d defend the allegations of wrongdoing in court.


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