Sola Rey

Brazilian Model: Bruna Tenorio

Nationality: Brazilian

Ethnicity: Japanese, Chinese and Brazilian

She speaks Brazilian Portuguese and English.


Brazil has the largest number of people of Japanese ancestry outside Japan.

About 1,500,000 ethnic Japanese people live in Brazil, and have been there for over a hundred years.

But why Brazil, of all places? How did so many Japanese find themselves 10,000 miles away from their homeland?




Some found that opportunity in Brazil, where an increasing demand for coffee and the abolition of slavery meant that there was a big need for laborers. From about 1908 onward, many Japanese immigrated to Brazil to help harvest coffee crops.



Brazil has the world’s second biggest black population after Nigeria.


Few Japanese went to Brazil with the intention of staying there for good, but planned on returning back to Japan later. Unfortunately for those immigrants, they weren’t able to make as much money in Brazil as they had hoped or were promised. Without the money, these Japanese immigrants were basically stranded in a land far from home.


Soon, the Japanese had established a community within Brazil, and more and more Japanese immigrants made their way over to Brazil. Over time, lots of Japanese settled into the city of São Paulo.


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 It is the largest Portuguese-speaking country in the world, and the only one in the Americas.



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A photo of Bruna Tenorio and her mother below.


A picture of Bruna Tenorio dancing with her father below



Bruna Tenorio’s baby picture below.

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