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Ancient burial structures of former Kings from Qa’ableh, Somali, Africa

Most of these historical sites have still yet to be fully explored.

The town is believed to harbor the tombs of former kings from early periods of Somali history, as evidenced by the many ancient burial structures and cairns (taalo) that are found here.

Qa’ableh is a town in the northern Sanaag region of Somalia. It is the site of numerous archaeological structures and ancient tombs.

This is located near the Haylan historical ruins. An ancient city, it is home to numerous archaeological sites and structures, similar to those found in Qombo’ul and El Ayo, two other old towns in northern Somalia.


Map of Somalia

Other interesting theories on ancient Somalia’s history. Besides the Phoenicians and Egyptians, were there any other ancient African civilizations who built ships or sail boats?

Date of those ancient structures & graves are unknown.

Cultural Similarities?

There are other ancient tombstones that looks similar to the one above in other parts of the world. Some of the old designs have a triangle top with an oval hole in the top center like this one above.  My question to all of this is, how much interaction did those ancient African people had with the rest of the world?

When I have time I will share photos of ancient tombstones with you as well.  Here’s another one below but much larger stones with beautiful engravings.

Ancient African sailors?

Questions still arose till this day, if those ancient African kingdoms had the capability to build ships or boats and sail the Indian Ocean?

According to this documentary above, the ancient Africans sailed to the far east in the distant past. As proof, experts found an ancient Chinese porcelain bowl among other things in Somalia. And in China there are depictions of giraffes in the distant past.

The motivation for this type of traveling might have been for trade/goods.

Another theory or fact on Somalia’s ancient past was that they were also the descendants of the ancient Egyptians?

The English Language – Page 53 – Google Books Result

Today some theorize the ancient land of Punt was located in the Horn of Africa.

 Somalia 1999 MNH STAMP (above) History of Early Travel ANCIENT EGYPTIAN explorers.

Italian Somalia Year: 1959

1923 The Wisdom of the Egyptians by Brian Brown

The average cost of this book is $280.00


Coat of arms of Somalia


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