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Alternative visual concept for “GODS Of EGYPT” movie

Please keep in mind that Egypt was invaded numerous times in the past.

“The Sorceress”, illustrated by Chris Dacus

They could cast actors that looks similar to the people in the Maghreb Region & as far down the Nile River which is an international river that flows through 11 countries that include Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt. There are other ancient African civilizations built near the nile & south of the Sahara Desert.

“War Goddess”, illustrated by Joe Slucher.

I hope Hollywood and others see concepts like this to inspire them to make an Egyptian /Kemet (previous name) movie with people of diverse backgrounds.

“A Person From Above”, illustrated by Pedraw

Art by Andy Park

The forgotten pyramids of Sudan – Al Jazeera English

There are more pyrimids in Sudan, than anywhere else in the world.

Over 220+ pyramids

Famous Meroe pyramids surrounded with dunes in Sudan, Africa

There is nothing in the Cush pyramids that can be called anomalous. It’s just so surprising to learn there are so many of them and that they are so neglected in the TV documentaries.


“Pharaoh Vader”, illustrated by Halil Ural.

“Egyptian Assassin” illustrated by Simon Valev.

“Anpu Nightwalker”, illustrated by Andy Timm

Illustrated by Athena Warner

illustrated by Akin Adekile

Created by Pierre Alain D.

“Magma Spray”, illustrated by Matthias Kollros

“Anpu”, illustrated by Vuk Kostic

“Born Of The Sun”, illustrated by Markia Ware.

“The Crook And Flail”, illustrated by Joelle Douglas

Illustrated by Markia Ware

“Egyptian Princess”, illustrated by Boris Vallejo.

“Premonition Of A Tragedy”, illustrated by K-Raven.

by Gerry Arthur.

Illustrated by Atomhawk Design.

Illustrated by Christina Yen

“Desert Goddess”, created by Sandra Bauser

“Lost Civilization”, Illustrated by Shadowlea

Painted by Marcel Mercado.

The Nile River

 is an international river that flows through 11 countries that include Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt.

Artist: Wesley Burt

Illustrated by Nubia Palacios

“The Guardian Of The Temple”, illustrated by Madinpixel

“Anpu/Anubis”, Illustrated by Chris Bjors

“Phaeron/Pharaoh”, illustrated by Mshindo Kuumba

Illustrated by Mohamed Saad

“Anpu/Anubis”, Illustrated by Sai Foo

“Start Over”, Illustrated by 133art and Luis Guerrero

Painted by Rowena Morrill.

“Amon”, Illustrated by Aisha Ullah

Created by Highaddict

Would you wear these shoes if they were actually designed for wear? .. .. Concept by Ramomar NY

“King Taharqa”, Illustrated by Tony D. Jackson

“Anpu”, illustrated by Dyana Wang.

“Tahonikepsu”, illustrated by Kuba Witowski

Illustrated by Matthew Stewart

by Jason Engle

Illustrated by Joelle Douglas

Illustrated by Tiziano Baracchi. Character created by Milton Davis.

Illustrated by Dallas Williams

Illustrated by Charlie Bowater.

Created by Seig Mancer.

“You Cannot Defy Fate”, cosplayed by Daysuke’s Place.


“Mwangi Male”, illustrated by Nemanja Stankovic.

Illustrated by Adrian Meribault.

Illustrated by Irene Sosnowski

Illustrated by Marc Scott

“I See You”, illustrated by Blacc360

Illustrated by Eugene Randolph Young

Illustrated by Kay Steele

“Anpu”, illustrated by Rod Wong

Illustrated by Ben Wootten

by Giselle Ukardi & Ken Fitzgerald.

“African Princess And Her Pet”, Illustrated by Walter Msonza Barna

Artist unknown

Illustrated by Timur Mutsaev

“Tribal Beauty”, illustrated by Chris Dacus

Illustrated by Mshindo Kuumba

Illustrated by Terese Nielsen.

Illustrated by Hans Olo

“Nubian Warriors”, illustrated by Aaron Blaiseart

Illustrated by Degale Design

“Tribesman”, illustrated by Jan Webbecher

“Roots – The African”, illustrated by Mohamed Aly Rabie


Illustrated by Ross Tran

“Black & Gold”, painted by Sicosa.

Illustrated by CJ Marsh

Illustrated by Brad Rigney

“Lion’s Roar”, illustrated by Marton Gyula Kiss

Illustrated by Wes Burt

“The King’s Advisor”, illustrated by Sanjay Charlton

Illustrated by Donato Giancola

Illustrated by Will Murai

Illustrated by Will Murai

Illustrated by Jomaro Kindred

Illustrated by Gothic Icecream

Sudanese Warrior”, illustrated by serathus

“Honored Hierarch”, illustrated by Magali Villeneuve

Illustrated by Mckadesinsanity

Illustrated by Ben Wootten

Illustrated by Jax Gonzales

Illustrated by Jason Chan.

Illustrated by Dominique Roberts

Illustrated by Chris Dacus

Illustrated by Danni Hawkins

“Stroll Thru The Garden”, illustrated by Sanio

“The Sekhmet Bed”, illustrated by Joelle Douglas.

“African Characters”, illustrated by Quang Daniel La

“Ancient Lady”, illustrated by Sandro Perovich.

“God Of Storms”, by Daarken

“The Artisan”, illustrated by Eran Fowler

Illustrated by Tyler Walpole.

Illustrated by Rolandas Jankauskas.

illustrated by Kadir Nelson

“Akhenaten & Nefertiti”, painted by LeeReex.

Illustrated by Aleksey Schepochkin

Iillustrated by Sanio

“Abengoni: First Calling”, a novel written by Charles R. Saunders. Available now at Art by Julie Dillon.

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