Sola Rey

Akosua Busia


Her father, Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia served as Prime Minister of the Republic of Ghana (in West Africa) from 1969 to 1972. Both father and daughter were educated at Oxford University in Oxforshire, England, UK; and both were members of the Royal Family of Wenchi. Akosua Busia was, in her native Ghana, a princess.

Her sister, Abena, is an associate professor of English at Rutgers University, New Brunswick.

Akosua Busia is of the Royal Family of Wenchi, Ghana. She’s an actress and starred in one of the best films ever, “The Color Purple”. Her character was Nettie. “The Color Purple” was Akosua’s first acting début, but she went on to star in other films, and also wrote a song with Stevie Wonder. Everyone remembers “Boyz in The Hood”, well the Ghanaian actress married (and divorced) the director of the film, acclaimed director John Singleton.
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