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2 Pyramids & Sphinx Found in Zinder, Niger, Africa

February 29, 2012, the Nigerian researcher in Egyptology, Souley Garba announced the discovery he made which was a pyramid in the village of Dan Baki, 20 km from the city of Zinder. As explained by the researcher, there is even a sphinx in front of the pyramid (the sphinx is a species of large statue of lion lying). Thus, the pyramid and sphinx are in connection, he said.

Indeed, the discovery pyramid contains more than 40,000 gold objects. That means tons of gold, a valuable astronomical wealth for the Niger and the World.

This pyramid is one of the first of all mankind, according to the ancient texts and is in an advanced state of deterioration, said Master Souley Garba noted before that there is another twin pyramid next to it that he has discovered. Better, he says there is a whole line of pyramids are located in the region of Tanout (Zinder).

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ZINDER-NIGER: Details on the discovery of a pyramid …

It should be noted that the Nigerian Egyptologist Souley Garba, made two important fundamental discoveries: First, there is the discovery of the true language of the ancient Egyptians. According to him, the ancient Egyptians spoke Hausa”, a major commercial languages of West Africa to 41st in the world and is spoken by about 50 million people in Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Ghana, Sudan, Benin , Burkina Faso and Togo.

Better still, it also states that the hieroglyphs were written in Hausa. This is thanks to the language he could read and decipher, after several years of research, the origin or the starting point of the ancient Egyptians.

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This is not an exact translation, but you some what have an idea as to what is being said during this interview. 

Souley Garba said that the ancient Egyptians said they appeared here” to” DARGAZA (Zinder) which means” crown” of God that is to say, the” Sun God ” At the time of the” bull”. And their territory being DARGAZA to the Red Sea through the current Egypt and Yemen. And he has found the same key”reading hieroglyphics.

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Twin Pyramids and Sphinx discovered in Zinder, Niger; by

Niger, officially the Republic of Niger, is a landlocked country in Western Africa, named after the Niger River.


Population: 17.83 million (2013) World Bank

Official language: French

A few samples of pyramid deterioration below

Tomb of unknown Egyptian queen discovered. The least preserved pyramids in Egypt and Northern Sudan, what is interesting the pyramids is pretty much Non Existent yet some of the tombs remain intact.

Pepi I Pyramid Egypt.

Senusret II pyramid

El Fayoum Pyramid

Pyramid of Userkaf

Pyramid of Djedkare, Saqqara, Egypt.

Pyramid Amenemhet III

Pyramid of Taharka Northern Sudan, the pyramid is destroyed but his underground tomb remain intact. Interestingly, Taharka was even mentioned in the Old Testament in the Bible, in the book of Kings, and his monuments is found in both today Egypt and Northern Sudan.

Pyramid of Amenemhet Egypt, he ruled both Egypt and parts Northern Sudan during the middle kingdom.
However his tomb is preserved.

There are many more in both areas that look like a pyramid but pretty much destroyed or non existent, yet some of their tombs have survived despite their pyramids being destroyed, therefore their memories shall continue to live on.

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ZINDER-NIGER: Details on the discovery of a pyramid …

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